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What happens when I start a free trial?

You get a full-functioning account for 14 days, which gives you access to all that My Currency Collection has to offer. Start managing your collection and sharing your notes right away!

If (and only if) you love it, your card will by charged the monthly subscription fee at the end of the trial period. Don't worry, we'll remind you a few days before your trial expires.

If you aren't happy with your plan, you will automatically be downgraded to the free YOUTH plan. Or, on request, we can remove your account completely.

Can I change my plan?

Of course! Whether you upgrade or downgrade, your subscription fee will be prorated.

What if I downgrade from a paid plan to the YOUTH plan?

You will not lose any of your collection information - notes, sets, images, etc. You will be subject to the YOUTH plan's lower limits and restricted functionality, though.

The YOUTH plan exists primary to help young collectors get more into the hobby. We recommend the HOBBY or COLLECTOR plan for long-time collectors.