Many of you have emailed me something along the lines of: "I tried to look up my 1963 $1 star note, but it isn't an option for the Star Note Lookup.  What's the deal?"

Sorry - the Star Note Lookup doesn't have data for notes dated series 1981 and before.   The records of what star notes were printed and when are inconsistent and inaccurate that far back.

Say, hypothetically, the the production reports were available and accurate back to 1928, would it be useful?  I don't think so.  The purpose of the Star Note Lookup is to help you determine if a star note is worth holding onto.

What makes a modern star note rare?
With modern star notes, it's rarity is dependent on the size of the print run from which it came.  That can only be determined via the denomination, series, and serial number - hence the lookup.

What makes an old star note rare?
Old star notes can be rare and valuable because they survived a long time when many others haven't.  Whether the note was printed with 640,000 or 6.4 million others is irrelevant if the note 75 years old.  Sure, the 6.4 million will be worth less to a collector, but you don't need a web application to tell you not to spend it.

How rare or valuable is my old star note?
It depends on many factors, of course.  If you are at all considering collecting currency or have a large number of old notes, I highly recommend ""