Organize and Share Your Paper Money Collection

  • Get a birds-eye view of your collection
  • Save HUGE images of your notes
  • Show off your gems to others

Organize Your Currency Collection

At Your Fingertips

Browse your collection online - it's easier than driving to the safe-deposit box.


See valuable metrics about your collection.

Available Anywhere

Check on your collection from any browser or device with an internet connection.

Secure Backup

Even if you delete your spreadsheet or your computer crashes, your collection information is safe.

Upload Your Collection With Ease

Modern and Old US Currency Support

Small-size and Large-size note types are supported

Upload HUGE Images

Show off your notes in the highest detail.

Flexible For Your Needs

Save as much or as little information as you want - images, grade, attributes, purchase/sale history,

Showcase Your Currency Collection

Access Control

You decide who, if anyone, can see your collection.

HUGE Images

Show off your notes in the highest detail.

Share Your Collection

Share individual notes and sets, or your entire collection, with friends and on the forums.

National Bank Map

Show a map of your National Bank notes