The BEP released the December 2015 Production Numbers a few days ago.  Only one new star note printing this month:

$2 - Series 2013

L 03 200 001* - L 04 400 000*
This is the second run of San Francisco FRB notes printed for $2 series 2013.  With a size of 1.2 million notes, it's on the smaller side of runs.  The notes were printed to replace 100-packs of notes rather than individual damaged sheets, so they can't be considered too rare.

The previous (first) run was a short printing of 128,000 notes.  This new, fuller run will bring the value of notes from run #1 down a bit, since it is now easier to complete FRB sets.  Collectors collecting by run will still have difficulty acquiring for quality specimens from run #1 (and will pay accordingly).