Once again, the BEP got a little behind on reporting their monthly production numbers.  A few days ago, the January 2017 and February 2017 production numbers were released.  There are only two new star note runs to report.

$5 - Series 2013

MF 00 000 001 * - MF 03 200 000 *
Nothing too special here.  This is a full run of 3.2 million notes.  This run was printed in January 2017 in the Washington DC printing facility.


$10 - Series 2013

ML 00 000 001 * - ML 03 200 000 *
Nothing to special here, either.  This is a full run of 3.2 million notes.  The only other two 2013 $10 star notes are from the "B" FRB.  This run was printed in February 2017 in the Fort Worth printing facility.


Reminder About Potentially-Rare Non-Star Notes (again)

Back in July 2016 a few non-star $2 notes were printed in runs of 6.4 million notes.  Seven months later, no additional $2 notes have been printed, so they remain rare.  If the BEP moves on to the next series without printing more notes for these FRB/block combos, they have the potential of becoming very desirable to collectors.  Read more about the  potentially-rare non-star notes here.