The BEP released the July 2016 Production Numbers recently.  Two new star note runs were printed:

$5 - Series 2013

MK 09 600 001* - MK 09 920 000*
This is the fourth run of star notes for the 2013 $5 "K" FRB. It is a small run of 320,000 notes printed in Washington DC.

$1 - Series 2013

B 06 400 001* - B 09 600 000*
This is the third run of star notes for the 2013 $1 "B" FRB. As a full run of 3.2 million notes, it won't be hard to find or particularly valuable. This run was printed in Fort Worth.

Bonus: Potentially-Rare Non-Star Notes

Last month, I noticed three new FRBs of non-star note $2's that have the potential of becoming rare. This month we can add three more FRBs to that list. Read more about the potentially rare non-star notes here.