The BEP released the November 2015 production report yesterday.  Here is a summary of two new star notes:

$2 - Series 2013

L 00 000 001* - L 00 128 000*
A new run of $2 star notes has been printed for the San Francisco (L) Federal Reserve Bank district. This is the first printing of $2 star notes in two years AND is a short run of 128,000 (printed as sheet replacements).  These star notes were printed at the Fort Worth printing facility.

$5 - Series 2013

MB 03 200 001* - MB 06 400 000*
A full run of 3.2 million star notes was printed for the New York (B) Federal Reserve Bank district.  This is the second run of star notes for the New York FRB.  The first run was a short printing of 320,000 notes.  This new full run makes set completion easier for people who collect star notes by FRB district (rather than individual run).


Side note: This is my first writeup of a BEP report in long time.  If you appreciate this succinct breakdown, please let me know and I'll continue writing them.