The only new star notes printed last month were of the $100 denomination:

A run of 1.28 million notes for the 2006 San Francisco (L) district: HL 2880 0001 - HL 3008 0000 .
A short run of 128,000 notes for the 2009 New York (B) district: JB 3520 0001 - JB 3532 8000 .

The above two runs are each being added to districts that already have a HUGE quantity of stars printed.

Most exciting, though, is a run of 320,000 notes printed for 2006A Richmond (E) district: KE 0000 0001 - KE 0032 0000 . This is the first run of star notes for this series. Being the only one printed and a short run, notes from this run will command a premium. But if the BEP prints more stars for 2006A hundreds in the coming months, especially if they're also from Richmond, the value will go down.