A few weeks back, I wrote a page answering the question, "is my star note rare?"  It is very difficult to answer since there are so many factors to consider: run size, total printed, age, condition, etc.  One important aspect of determining if a star note is rare is the total quantity printed for a given denomination, series, and FRB.  The rarity of a very small print run gets lessened if there are other non-rare or less-rare runs printed for the same FRB.

Until now, the Star Note Lookup only showed the total quantity of other star notes from your notes' FRB.  If you wanted to see the individual print runs before or after your note, you would need to consult the star note production tables.

The Star Note Lookup was updated this morning to include neighboring star note runs in the search results.  This should give collectors more context about their notes and make it easier to judge whether their star note is rare.

I hope you find this improvement useful.  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.