The traffic stats for this website show that 30% of you visiting the reference pages are on mobile devices or tablets. The previous design was not optimized for such small screens and made you do a lot of pinching, scrolling, and swiping to use the site. I've redesigned the reference pages for a better experience on mobile devices (and in the desktop browser). Go ahead: visit one of the reference pages on a smartphone or tablet. Or, if you have a dumbphone like me, pull up the Star Note Lookup, National Banknote Lookup, or any other reference page in your browser. Shrink your window narrower and you'll see the magic happen. As your browser shrinks, the pages shrink and reformat to best show the content. It does so all the way down to the size of mobile screens:


Suggestions, please: How can MyCurrencyCollection be better?
Is there something MyCurrencyCollection is missing? Please comment below or sent mail to [email protected]. I'm always looking for things that can make this site better. What reference information do you want to see? Should the lookup tools work differently? Please let me know.