Jan 14, 2015 Update:
The BEP sent a notification saying they released a corrected December 2014 report.  Again, this is another first for the BEP.  Usually in the past, errors would silently be corrected.  Maybe it bodes well for future reports. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.45.40 PM

I just got an email I haven't seen before - the BEP released two months worth of production reports at once!  Unfortunately it was only a tease.  They accidentally uploaded last December's report for this year's.  I can understand the confusion, though.  December 2013 is in the BEP's 2014 fiscal year.

The last BEP report was released on November 10, 2014 with the October 2014 numbers.  So, November was quite late AND it's about time that we got the December 2014 numbers.  Hopefully the BEP realizes the mistake and doesn't leave the wrong one up there.  I'll keep an eye out for it.