Hey folks,

Welcome to the new blog for My Currency Collection. If you're wondering what'll be posted here, I'm right there with you. I haven't really thought that far ahead.

I built this blog because I recently got into the mood of improving and adding new reference material. Maybe I'll try to document what I'm changing and adding to hopefully get your feedback. What works, what doesn't - that sort of thing.

Over the years, I've answered many support questions via email. I'll likely go through my inbox and pick some common ones and answer them here so everyone can learn something. Also, every month the BEP releases their production stats - I'll post a quick breakdown of what's new and what's rare.

My main priority will be to announce some things that have changed over the past few weeks and what will be coming soon. Beyond that, I'm open to suggestions about what you want to see here.

So, let me know if something comes to mind.